Products & Services   Why Naya Jeevan?  
Naya Jeevan’s mission is to provide social protection to low-income families in an efficient and inclusive manner through a unique micro health insurance model. Our model creates scalable partnerships with corporations, schools and individuals that employ low-income individuals, to leverage an existing, quality inpatient and ER-trauma healthcare delivery system. In addition to health insurance, Naya Jeevan is also working towards improving family health through health education and reducing infant/child and maternal mortality within low-income populations residing in urban areas of developing countries.
Our vision is one of collective social responsibility. By directing market forces towards an untapped social segment, we envisage to provide quality healthcare to nearly 75,000 low-income individuals over the next 3 years.
Consider the following:
  • Despite South Asia's rapidly growing economies, public expenditure on healthcare remains as low as 3% of total expenditure. Simultaneously, urbanization is on the rise as the corporate sector expands. Yet direct access to quality healthcare is cost prohibitive for low income individuals.
  • Medical calamities often precipitate generational poverty among millions of vulnerable people in South Asia. Low-income families in urban centers are particularly at risk of being trapped in a cycle of poverty and indebtedness at the behest of health care expenses or catastrophic medical events. If the primary bread-winner of a low-income family experiences medical trauma or loss of life, children in urban centers, that may otherwise have access to private, public or non-profit education, are forced to leave school and enter the labor force.
  • Adequate and equitable healthcare financing is a critical need in developing countries. Most of the healthcare expenditure today is paid out of pocket, resulting either in financial distress, indebtedness or inadequate care. There is a clear need for an increase in access to health insurance.
  • The insurance industry is experiencing a period of double-digit growth, but currently health insurance coverage is commercially designed for more affluent corporate beneficiaries. No private insurance company is catering to the low-income segment, which represents 96% of the insurable market.
Naya Jeevan plans to focus its health plan on this uninsured low-income population in urban centers of developing countries. We have negotiated an affordable health insurance plan with our valued insurance partners (Allianz-EFU, IGI Insurance, and AsiaCare) in order to provide a high quality inpatient and ER-Trauma healthcare delivery system.
The social impact that is envisioned as a result of Naya Jeevanís efforts includes:
  • Mitigation of urban child labor and child exploitation
  • Reduction of mortality attributable to acute infectious diseases
  • Reduction in the incidence of recreational/addictive substance abuse
  • Reduction in maternal mortality attributable to emergent pregnancy complications
  • Reduction in poverty growth rates
  • Reduction in worker absenteeism
  • Improved CSR for our corporate partners