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Naya Jeevan's Corporate Values are encapsulated by the acronym RISE ABOVE
We shall treat one another with the the utmost respect and conduct ourselves in a professional manner befitting a world-class organization. We will be particularly mindful of treating all of our stakeholders: employees, customers, clients, beneficiaries, business partners, suppliers and vendors, etc with the same degree of respect and professionalism.
We will commit ourselves to continuous innovation of our products and services in order to optimize our double bottom line impact to our stakeholders.
We will rise as one team and fall as one team. We will remain unified and loyal to one another and the organization at all times.
We will practice and preach an energetic, entrepreneurial approach to tackling the social problems of poverty and encourage others around us to do the same.
We will be passionate about achieving our primary mission of alleviating poverty through customized healthcare solutions.
We will be kind and gentle to those less privileged within our society and treat them with dignity, humility and compassion.
We will be open to continuous improvement and constructive criticism.
We will strive to be the best in our "class" - in both the market segments and industrial sectors that we operate within.
We will maintain the highest level of personal and professional integrity in the manner we conduct our business and ourselves.