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Naya Jeevan's Value Added Services sets it apart from all the other players in the market, be it other micro insurance firms or non-profit organizations. Under the umbrella of our value added services, we offer a unique form of social protection to our group plan members.
  • 24-hour customer service hotline and medical hotline staffed by Naya Jeevan medical officers.
  • Naya Jeevan medical officers to monitor hospital care and ensure that insurance underwriters are not denying legitimate claims.
Strictly on a case to case basis, this fund is utilized to cover treatments which are over and above the insurance policy annual limit and treatments not covered by traditional insurance policies e.g. congenital birth defects. The fund is primarily funded by donations, charitable contributions, Zakat, etc and is only disbursed once Naya Jeevan's medical officers have performed due diligence on the claimant and client.
A joint partnership plan where Naya Jeevan works with socially conscious corporations on educating low income groups on matters relating to health, hygiene, sanitation, preventive healthcare, best practices, nutrition and safety. We believe that consumer health education is intrinsically tied to the interest of our members and also to the bottom line profits of FMCG conglomerates MNC’s and local corporations.
In line with our mantra of collective social responsibility, Naya Jeevan builds a community comprising health plan members, health plan sponsors and our corporate partners. We create win-win scenarios between corporations and Naya Jeevan plan members by organizing workshops and seminars on health and sanitation with our corporate partners as well as our local non-profit partners.
With Naya Jeevan, employers can benefit immensely from lower employee attrition rates, increased employee productivity and enhanced social welfare. In addition, as the national risk pool of insured individuals increases, each corporate stakeholder will benefit from lower overall premiums for their middle/upper income staff as well. These are some of the indirect social and CSR benefits to corporations by leveraging Naya Jeevan's value added services.
Naya Jeevan will provide optional training seminars in the evenings at neighborhood schools for plan members. The workshops will be delivered by members of the Naya Jeevan community - either employees, corporate partners or plan sponsors (employers of domestic staff).
The workshops would be held to educate our community on topics such as:
  • Early childhood development – targeting plan members that are employed as nannies of young children.
  • Food safety and handling – targeting plan members that are employed as cooks at restaurants and households.
  • Financial planning – for any interested plan member.
  • General preventive health education.
These seminars seek to build a community around Naya Jeevan, provide consumer education to increase utilization of the health insurance plan, and increase retention of plan members and plan sponsors through Naya Jeevan's value added services.