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The real sufferers of this global economic downturn are lower-income workers e.g. factory employees, drivers, cooks, maids, nannies, security guards, and their spouse/children who are barely surviving within developing countries such as Pakistan and India. Living hand-to-mouth amidst rampant inflation and burgeoning medical expenses, they eke out an almost impossible existence. Any catastrophic medical event that is likely to occur e.g. heart attack, trauma, infectious diseases such as malaria, TB, dengue fever, will throw them off the economic precipice into the abyss of generational poverty.
Your organization's corporate social responsibility initiative can partner with Naya Jeevan to increase the morale of your employees, reduce attrition and employee absence costs, institutialize your charity, and ensure the improved well being of your employees and their families.
Find out more about Why Naya Jeevan is needed, and how you can partner with us to bring about social transformation by offering catastrophic health insurance incentive benefits to your low-income employees. We are presently offering Naya Jeevan for Employees for low income groups associated with any organized activity (e.g. corporations, schools, NGO's), Naya Jeevan for Kids for low income staff, children and families associated with educational institutions and will soon be offering Naya Jeevan for Families for low income individuals and families not directly affiliated with an organization. In addition Naya Jeevan also provides its group plan members with access to a host of critical Value Added Services.