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Naya Jeevan's C2C program is the first of its kind and is aimed at Pakistanís youth. The objective of this program is to provide low cost catastrophic insurance to NGO school students and to serve as a platform for engaging Pakistanís youth in alleviating socio-economic disparity. The core concept of the C2C program is to match a child from a private school to a child at an NGO school, whereby the child from the private school makes a minimal annual contribution in order to meet the minimum cost of providing catastrophic healthcare insurance to the NGO school student. Any additional contribution from the private school student will be used to set up a graduate endowment fund, which will only be available to the NGO school student upon successful graduation for subsequent university or vocational training. In addition, Naya Jeevan will also facilitate a social platform upon which students from both schools may interact (for e.g. at workshops sponsored by corporate partners).
Under this model, our partnering academic institutions would make tax-exempt contributions that would cover a substantial percentage or the entire amount of the insurance premium payments. Coverage would be provided for low income employees, support staff, and their families.
Under this model, health insurance coverage would be offered at group discount rates to the families affiliated to schools and colleges, to in turn allow them to insure their domestic staff. Students and children will be the advocates for Naya Jeevan. Eligible individuals may make contributions to cover a substantial percentage, or the entire amount of the insurance premium payments for their domestic staff. The institution might also choose to partially subsidize the insurance premiums. Coverage would be provided for domestic employees e.g. maids, cooks, drivers of the eligible individuals, and may be extended to the domestic employees' families.
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