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Naya Jeevan partners with multinational corporations (MNCs), national corporations (NCs), small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro finance institutions (MFIs) to offer a value added health plan for their low-income employees and the domestic staff of their higher income employees.
Under this cost sharing paradigm, health insurance coverage would be subsidized by the corporate employer. Coverage would be provided for the low income corporate employees and their families. The corporation would make contributions that would cover a substantial percentage or the entire amount of the insurance premium payments.
Under this collective social responsibility model, health insurance coverage would be primarily subsidized by the corporate officer/manager who would make tax-exempt contributions to cover a substantial percentage, or the entire amount of the insurance premium payments for their domestic staff. The corporation might also choose to partially subsidize the insurance premiums. Coverage would be provided for domestic employees e.g. maids, cooks, drivers of the corporate officers/managers, and may be extended to the domestic employees' families.
Corporations can offer the Naya Jeevan health insurance plan to their low income vendors, suppliers, distributors or customers as part of a loyalty program. The performance and retention of these partners effects the progress of your business, and inadequate access to quality and affordable healthcare can disrupt work processes. The health insurance coverage could potentially be fully covered by the corporation or can be applied to a cost sharing paradigm to promote collective social responsibility.
Naya Jeevan's health insurance plan is at par in quality with those offered to any corporate officer working at a large multi-national corporation and provides access to a comprehensive list of quality provider hospitals in major urban centers. The low-income employees and their families will be provided with affordable access to quality healthcare coverage for catastrophic events e.g. heart attack, trauma, stroke, pediatric emergencies.
Given Naya Jeevan's not-for-profit status, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of the insurance program for low-income beneficiaries. Our health plan covers low-income employees, their spouse, and children under the age of 18.
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